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Calculate Litres Per 100km
(Use Litres/100km to determine petrol cost
using the link below.)

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Petrol Cost Calculator
Use the Petrol Cost Calculator to determine the cost of
petrol for travelling a given distance using your
Litres per 100 kilometres value. Click here.



The Litres per 100km calculator enables you to quickly convert to the standard litres per 100km given a distance and the amount of petrol used for the distance.


Distance: Enter the distance. A good way to determine the distance is to set your trip meter back to zero when you fill up your tank. Fill up your tank as full as you can and then when you next fill up, fill up again as full as you can. This is now the amount of fuel used for the distance on the trip meter. For a more accurate reading repeat this a couple of times and then average the result.

Petrol in litres: Enter the amount of petrol you used corresponding to the distance travelled. You can get the litres from either the petrol pump or your receipt if the receipt contians the details.


Determine your litres per 100km for city driving and country driving separately. With country driving you can typically drive around 50% further on the same amount of fuel.

A new car is more fuel efficient than a car just a couple of years old. Redo your fuel efficiency every couple of years.

The bold link to the Petrol Cost Calculator passes across the Litres/100km value to save retyping the value.



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